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We’re on a mission to connect you to where you live and tackle loneliness.

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Feel part of Kentish Town!

Studies show that embracing community helps us live longer, and be happier*

Amazing right? 😁

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for Kentish Town

- Things to do
- Places to donate
- Places to volunteer
- News to make you smile
- Local businesses to support

What the neighbours say

“It’s already making me aware of much more stuff going on in the neighbourhood, and making it feel more like a community”
Duncan, joined Sep 2019
“Thanks for putting this together, it's awesome”
Peter, joined Apr 2020
“My favourite part? Being reminded to donate to kt farm where I used to take the kids 🦌”
Lindsay, joined Mar 2020
“Every part of Community Spot is useful, interesting and informative”
Kelly, joined Sep 2019

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